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Brown Walnut Touch Screen Photo Booth Wholesale Prices

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Walnut photo booth combines a retro classic look with modern technology.
This vintage photo booth features a slim line design to create a quality, unique, and profitable walnut photo booth for photographers, and event professionals, and suitable for any event, party, or wedding.


  • Premium walnut material
  • 13.3inch touch screen
  • Portable photo booth
  • Place printer at the bottom
  • Full package includes camera, printer, flight case, software, etc.
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    2 reviews for Brown Walnut Touch Screen Photo Booth Wholesale Prices

    1. Nicki

      Great quality photo booth,Professional Photo booth company, very recommend

    2. Thomas

      τελεια συνεννόηση με τον πωλητη,μου απαντουσε παντα σε ολες τις αποριες και με βοηθουσε σε οτι ηθελα.αργησαν λιγο τα πραγματα λογω περιοδο διακοπων τους αλλα ολα καλα!!!αψογη συσκευασια,γενικα αψογα ολα!!!θα τιυς ξανα προτιμησω σιγουρα!!

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