Frequently Asked Question

We use Hiti P520L or DNP DSRX1 dye sublimation printer, and it prints 500 photos/ roll, and 2 rolls/ box, for P520L, the paper is 135$ for one box, so each photo, the cost is around 0.135$. The printer use color ribbon instead of ink, which is for free, given out if buy papers. 

It takes around 8-11s to print a photos with Hiti or DNP printer. Our software supports print two photos at the same time.But if you have some other photo printing software, then you can install to the machine as well.

The only consumables are the papers, after 500print (Hiti printer) or 700 prints (DNP printer) then you need to refill it. The frequency to change the papers depends on the location and popularity of the machine there. Normally, can change the paper once a week. 

You can get the spare parts (papers) from us or from your local market if they are available there.

It has a motherboard in the machine, and it is like a computer supporting cable, wifi and 3g/4g sim card.

There are two ways for customer to print photos:

  • from cell phone : people use cell phone and upload a picture from instagram and then hashtag, after sharing then your pic will show on the machine, and you just print it out will be ok.
  • From Screen by hashtag or instagram user account: People search any hashtag or user account, then pictures show, and you just select to print.

Yes, you can do the price settings.What are available to customize is the hashtag, the price setting, the screen background logo, the photo templates and the language.

Yes, you can.

We install Teamviwer in every machine and we can remote control to change all the things that are available to change remotely.

The photo templates can be customzied by machine owner and the captions in the instagram can be printed out as well.

You can configure to any language you want in the backend admin account, where you can do all the settings. 

Our machine now supports the coin and banknote, as we have sent machine to Bulgarian before, so I guess we can handle it to do the price programming remotely after you receive the machine, but it requires your assistance while we doing the programming. But if you have concern, then it will be better to send us some test small money. 

No, our software doesnt suppport giving back change, but the price is settable in the backend admin.

Yes, we use NV10 bill acceptor which is imported from UK, and it can recognize fake money and reject it.

It depends on what software you selected, we have two softwares, one is more focus on the advertising display on the screen, another is more on the photo printing enjoyment.
So pls kindly tell us your plan for the machine first, then we can do recommendation accordingly.

So far we have video ad screen it is not used, but it can be still screen if not being used. 

You can enjoy discount when you reach 5 pcs. You can order it directly from us, (we sending you invoice with order details and bank info, then you tansfer money to that account) or you can start an order from our alibaba website where you can enjoy trade assurance as well.

Life time software warranty ( if provided by us) and one year hardware maintenance.

The instagram photo kiosk can be used in any kind of public streets, resturants, shopping malls, hotels, restuarants , tourist spots and amusement park or theme parks etc.

  • You can charge money for advertising and photo printing.
  • The machine can be used for rental or resell as well.

We can send you the printed samples, but the shipping cost needed to pay on your side. If so, pls tell me your details address and we check how much for the shipping. 

The typical maintenance might be the fuse, it might be burned for disapproperate operation. 

If the above questions with answer can not solve your query, please list your outstands questions and send it to us in the following form with your contact details, we will be happly to answer your questions in short time.

We will answer your email within one workday!