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Vending Machine

Mini Vending Machine

(D series)

Touch Screen Vending Machine

(A pro series)

Affordable Vending Machine

(C series)

Lots Of Photo Booth Style

Mirror Photo Booth

(F series selfie mirror)

This mirror photo booth designed for event environments that instantly prints selfie photos.

Photo Booth Kiosk

(D pro series)

D pro photo booth

This photo booth kiosk configuration with changeable Led light, suitable for any size of printers, and easy to transport.

Open Air Photo Booth

(D series selfiebooth)

D series Photo booth

Lightweight & Portable. It’s an open air photo booth ,the most affordable way for you to own your own business.

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These photo booth kiosk can instantly turn instagram photos and mobile photos into postcard-quality prints
popular photo gifts and extra revenue for your photo booth business.

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What We Do?

We are specialized at supplying the kiosk with solution for photos printing and logo branding on offline and online.

Why Choose Photo Prints

Prints is the most meaningful way to enjoy photography, and we can help you printing out photos form instagram/whatsapp/Wechat/URL etc.

Why Choose Us?

The kiosk provides with the solution to boost up your business and brands. If you are on the photobooth industry or plan to invest as a new project, welcome to join us.

Why Choose Us?

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