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Wall Mounted Small Vending Machine For Sale

This vending cashier machine, it only sell some smaller commodities such as cigarettes,condom and other smaller commodities.

It need hang on the wall. Because different country with different currency(coins). Some countries maybe can’t to use it. So it is need first to contact us before buy it. If you contact us. We will answer soon.Thanks.


  • Interactive 21.5″ display
  • Multiple payment
  • Slim compact design
  • 8 SKUs of product
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Mini Vending Machine For Sale

Interactive 15.6″ display
Multiple payments
Slim compact design
Support multiple languages
8 SKUs of product
Built-in delivery system

Merchandise Type

Snack * 80 units
Cans * 50 units
Condom/Power bank * 60 units
Cigarette * 80 units

3C product
Phone case/Webcam/USB Drive/Power adapter/USB cable/Connector

The advantage of a mini vending machine

More Product Profit

Actually, mini vending machines do not have direct competition with retail stores. Mini vending machines can be installed in different places to solve consumer must demands and urgent needs, to obtain more high profit.

Flexible Application

Mini vending machines can also be placed in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, subway stations, etc, where traditional big vending machines are placed

Why Choose Us

10 years of experience in the photo vending machine industry make us know the market better in product sales/ OEM customization service/the solution for running vending machine business.
The solution for running MVM: the traditional vending machine is limited by spot and mini vending is limitless, make sure your high ROI.
OEM Service: We are a manufacturer and have our own D& R team, custom vending machine is our core advantage.
Our successful case study includes adult product vending machines/cigarette vending machines/snack vending machines etc.

OEM & ODM service
R & D all in one: From structure design to machine enclosure to mainboard to dashboard and to the final product complete finished by our company.

The solution of business: we have years of experience in running vending machine industry, and we can offer you the right solution according to your business.

Experience in OEM service: we have successful case studies for branding businesses such as snack/cigarette/condom/female physiological products etc.

Powerful & Intelligent Backend Management

International Payment System
Can support Wechat pay, Notes Pay(accept over 200 countries’ currency), Coin pay & Credit card

Notify and Alert System
Notify owner when a device fault, short stock, or there is abnormal order, and keep the owners out of worry

Commodity Management
Including complete management for the classification, information, and  information sharing of the commodity

Data Report Exploring
Regarding to the collected data, it generates the Data report, helps the operators easily find the right spots, and improve the sales

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