Project Description

42″ Touchscreen Digital Signage Kiosk

Stand out in a crowd with immersive content presented at human height.

Human-Height Concierge

Standing between 5 and 6 feet tall, the illuminated screen and
glossy metal finish create the perfect signal to draw in audiences.

Tell Your Brand Stroy

Coupled with engaging interactive content and branded surfaces,
our network-ready kiosks create a memorable, focused experience.

Designed For Your Space

With a human-size format, the T10 Large Display provides an
interaction platform that can captivate and attract users in even
the most crowded places.

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Features Include:Dimension of digital signage kisok

  • The weather forecast navigation
  • Rolling advertising picture
  • HD video & Advertisements display
  • Face Recognition & Face Welcome System
  • Automatic products recommendation
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Security Locks
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Cooling hole design, ensure the longer using time


  • 42″ LED Supports 1080P High Definition
  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • „16:9 Aspect Ratio


  • 15 AMP Maximum Draw
  • World Power Kit Option Available

Base Model Include:

  • Durable Power Coated Steel Enclosure
  • Cooling hole design, ensure the longer using time
  • Built-in 3G/4G wireless wifi, fit for most network
  • Customizable sockets, suitable for all the market
  • International brand LED panel , higher brightness, better power saving
  • Industrial-grade metal case design,Durable and anti-interference ability
  1. Touch Screen Interface
    feature of digital signage kiosk
  2. Windows 7 Home/Pro PC
  3. Software functio
  4.  Wi-Fi or Cellular Connectivity with External Antenna
  5. Authorized and stable operation system, Android or Windows
  • 1-Year Limited on Kiosk Enclosure
  • 1-Year Limited on EBAYAR Supplied Electronics
  • Extended Warranty Options Available

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