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10 years+ factory experience in China, We have helped over 500,00 people start their photo booth business!

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Newest Design Photo Printers

WB02 photo printer

This vintage photo booth features a slim line design to create a quality, unique, and profitable photo printer.

ipad 04 photo printer

The head is only 2.5kg, Ipad photo printer can be hand-held to take pictures with high-quality aluminum alloy.

WB01 Photo Printer

18.5-inch multi-touch touch screen, wooden photo printer for those who want to make it more attractive.

Lots Of Photo Booth Style

(D series cabine photo)

DSLR Photo printer

This classic photo booth kiosk suitable for any wedding, party, events, and easy to transport.

(New selfie mirror booth)

Mirror photo booth 09 series

This mirror photo booth designed for event environments that instantly prints selfie photos.

(Mini mirror with camera)

small mirror mini booth

Light Weight & Portable. The most affordable way for your Photo Booth rent business.

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Our Product & Service

We can help you success for Free!

These photo booth kiosk can instantly turn instagram photos and mobile photos into postcard-quality prints
popular photo gifts and extra revenue for your photo booth business.

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hot sale photo booth

What We Do?

We are specialized at supplying the kiosk with solution for photos printing and logo branding on offline and online.

Why Choose Photo Prints

Prints is the most meaningful way to enjoy photography, and we can help you printing out photos form instagram/whatsapp/Wechat/URL etc.

Why Choose Us?

The kiosk provides with the solution to boost up your business and brands. If you are on the photobooth industry or plan to invest as a new project, welcome to join us.

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Why Choose Us?

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10 years photo booth

We Can Help You Start Your Photo Booth Business

PhoPrint is one of the top photo booth manufacturers.
All of our booths have been offering GIFs, social media uploads,
green screens, and more for over 10 years.
Check out our store for great custom cases, we also support OEM/ODM service!

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Click "Request a Quote" and feel free to contact us by whatsapp or email when you're ready to discuss options and your specific needs. A PDF with current options and prices will be emailed to you and we will follow up by phone. We will then compile an estimate/invoice reflecting our discussion.
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Yes, we ship worldwide. We recommend that our customers contact us first and we can check the real-time logistics price for you, you can choose the appropriate logistics method, and the fastest delivery time is 7 working days.
Becoming a photo booth business owner can be an exciting and profitable option that does not require a large investment of money or time. From $999, you can start a photo booth business.
Photo booths are a popular way to preserve memories of special events and occasions, as well as special people. Buying a selfie booth and renting it out to event organizers and venues can be a great sideline for earning a little extra cash.
Nowdays, you'll rarely find a wedding or large event without a photo booth because people just love photo booths. Photo booths are a great form of entertainment for events, as they're often outfitted with all sorts of silly props like wigs, masks, and signs to make guests laugh.
The best way to run a photo booth is to use a flash to ensure your photos are bright and evenly lit. Some cameras have a built-in flash - this is great for most small social events. Most of our machines also have mounting holes for external flashes so you can attach fill lights.
Photo booths are suitable for rental businesses in a variety of industries, including weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, school functions, and other special occasions.
Yes. The printer can be connected to the PhoPrint iPad photo booth to print photos.
Rental fees for digital photo booths vary depending on your location. For example, in Southern California, the average rent per event is typically between $1,000 and $1,600 (including options). So, in USA, it only takes 4-5 events to pay for the PhoPrint Photo Booth!
PhoPrint photo booths come with everything you need to run, and prices range from $599 to over $10,000, depending on the features you want.


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