Project Description

Photo Booth F series lightbox for sale

This photo booth inspires audiences to capture content from everywhere by using their own phone to take photos and share them publicly on Instagram.

Display Advertising 
Enhance your message ,transform your business

Instant printing
Integrated Dye-Sublimation printer for professional quality and speed, It’s will monitor instagram for photos matching that hashtag and will automatically print them with your own custom template and branding.

Payment Function

Integrated powerful and reliable bill and coin acceptor that  support 99% foreign currency of the word are available. High ROI for you business.

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Printer:DNP DsRx1(HS) /Hiti P520L or P525

Operate System:Linux/Windows

Printing Solution:Instagram /Wechat and url

Picture Size:Single 4×6″ prints

Screen:42″ Touchable screen

  • Photo booth enclosure
  • Payment function
  • Photo printing systerm
  • 42″ Multi-touch screnn
  • Hiti Printer
  • 1-Year Limited on Kiosk Enclosure
  • 1-Year Limited on EBAYAR Supplied Electronics
  • Extended Warranty Options Available

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