Project Description

Mobile Photo Printing Booth

Real-time Instagram printing from any hashtag.

Live Printer

Our Live Printer was like an automatic photo booth that worked with Instagram. All you did was hashtag your photo on Instagram, and you got a custom branded printout on 4×6 photo paper within 10 seconds.

It’s the easiest, most organic way, to promote a hashtag and spread the word about your company, marketing campaign, product launch, or fundraiser.

We custom design all prints so that users walk away with a keepsake that includes your marketing message.

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Printer:DNP DsRx1(HS) /Hiti P520L or P525

Operate System:Linux/Windows

Printing Solution:Instagram /Wechat and url

Picture Size:Single 4×6″ prints

Screen:42″Touchable screen

  • Photo booth enclosure
  • Photo printing systerm
  • 42″ Multi-touch screnn
  • Hiti Printer

1-Year Limited on Kiosk Enclosure
1-Year Limited on EBAYAR Supplied Electronics
Extended Warranty Options Available

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