Project Description

Custom your own photo booth

After years of experience, we have the muture products in software and hardware.
We would also supply the customization service for the software and hardware to develop new functions and new products to you, and expand your business.

Our Service:

  • Kiosk enclosure design sevice.
  • Inner struction of enclosure design and produce service.
  • New funcion develop and update service in current software systerm.
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Hardware customization
Our products is positioned in the photo booth industry, but its application is not limited to this industry, for example, our machines can have very good application in advertising machine industry, and vending machine industry,

Advertising Function
The big touch scren can be used as the digital signag to display image or video advertisment. The users bring back home a nice keepsake branded with your logo and design can make you enjoy the long-lasting advertising opportunity.

Payment function
The payment function makes our machines can be used for sales busienss, no matter you want to sell the printing photos or other service, like wifi, our machines can all meet your requirement.

Software customization
Nowadays we have our own development software: Instagram printing software and Wechat printing software, and both of them have very good running in the market. We can also supply you the API for you to develop your own software or you can ask us to help you develop it.

Instagram version:
To print out photos uploaed by Instagram Hashtag from the cellphone. We have payment mode and free print mode for your choice.

Wechat version:
To print out photos through Wechat or Url from the cellphone. It has also the payment mode and free print mode for your choice. What’s more, it has the functions to display the image and video advertisement.

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