Project Description

Magic Mirror Photo Booth Printer Kiosk 

Mirror photo booth is a portable machine,

specially designed for wedding, parties, suitable for rental business

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How it works

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Wedding Instant Photo Booth For Sale

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Digital Photobooth Description:

  • Material: Metal Enclosure
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Screen: LG 32″ Touchable Screen
  • Photo Booth Software: Sparkbooth
  • Camera: Canon Camera 1300d
  • Printer: DNP/ Hiti Pinter
  • Print Size: 4*6 Or 2*6 Prints
  • Optional Color: White/ Black
  • Audio/speakers
  • Network : Wifi receiver/4G/5G/Ethernet interface
  • Other peripheral  : USB port
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selfie mirror photo booth

Tempered Glass 

Machine With Advanced Mirror Tempered Glass,

Avoid Shattering During Transportation And Installation

mirrored photo booth

Safe Box

Camera Box Can Be Disassembled,

Installation Can Becompleted In 3 Minutes

magic mirror photo booth for sale

Core Service

Rapid Rate Of Return

It is absolutely realistic to
expect your new business
to pay for itself 5-6 times.

Interactive Marketing

One to one engagement
and interaction between
advertisers and follows

Advertising & Promotion Channel

Use photo booth printer
machine or the photo print
out as a form of advertising
or promotion channel

Full Body Mirror Selfie

Mirror booth manufacturer
is the best portable photo
booths on the market

Kinds Printer for your Choose

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  Hiti Printer

 Sinfonia Printer

 DNP Printer

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buy magic mirror photo booth

Step 3:

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Take A Photo With Your Friend
On Mirror Selfie Photobooth

Edit Text Or Select Emoji

Select And Print Your Photo
From Photo Mirror Booth

It’s that simple 🙂

Branded Photos

You could custom-design all prints so that users walk away
with a keepsake that includes your marketing message, logo, or design.

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how much are mirror photo booths
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What our clients say… ..


Our beauty mirror photo booth at client’s party


To launch your new business, all you need is 1 square meter of space and an electrical outlet

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Photo Booth Magic Mirror

Shoot it,  print it. Our photo mirror booth automatically prints photos after you take a selfie,
Like instantly. Like magic.

Guests can print photos of your event/party in real-time. And it comes out as a shiny 4×6″/2*6 print with your
design. It’s super.

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